New Indoor Garden Systems from Tregren

The most convenient spot for growing your own herbs and salad ingredients is definitely in the kitchen – and the new hydroponic indoor garden systems from Tregren will certainly appeal to the cook who wants truly fresh ingredients. Their new T-series appliances are sleek and contemporary, just the right look for the modern home.

Tregren, from Finland, is no newcomer to the compact hydroponic garden appliance scene. Their first system, the Herbie, entered the Finnish market in 2010. Its versatility in allowing the gardener to grow plants from seed or starter pots from the grocery store created demand that expanded their market to cover Scandinavia and the Baltics. They call this “second generation hydroponics.” It’s a very successful product. There are thousands of Herbies residing in homes across Europe.

Next came the Genie, that still incorporates their Active Growing Technology, but it’s a smaller unit. This is a more compact kitchen garden made from a bio-composite and runs on battery power. It’s sleek, cheerful, and user-friendly.

For the past 4 years, Tregren has been working hard on developing the perfect hydroponic garden. Not just on the drawing board or in their offices. They went out and talked to gardeners – 25,000 of them – in 3 different countries. Tregren wanted to know…

What does the perfect indoor garden system offer? What will it do for you?

Tregren T-Series Hydroponic Garden RangePeople needed more than one option versus another. The indoor garden is not a one size fits all situation. And so, the new T-series outdoes their previous gardening appliances by addressing a range of growing needs requirements. Beginning with the choice of a small, medium, and large hydroponic garden setup. Plus, each of them offers the gardeners from beginners to more advanced skill levels the platform to get growing their own easily.

The T-series is also made from bio-composite plastic and incorporates the latest technology. The LED grow lights used the latest technology with people-pleasing yellow light added. And the height of the light is easily adjusted without compromising the aesthetic beauty of the sleek Nordic lines. As taller plants gain stature, the grower simply adds extensions to the light support stem 6 inches (15cm) at a time.

So, the T3, T6, and T12 allow gardeners choices of space used by opting for a 3, 6, or 12 plant site system. The T3, T6, and T12 were created to take care of any plant, nurturing flowering plants as well as herbs, greens, strawberries, chilies and more. And you’re not locked into a certain kind of growth media either.

Tregren also turned their newest automated garden line into smart indoor gardens, allowing users to have greater control of whatever they’re growing from wherever they are in the same easy manner that has made their previous products popular. The app works on both iOS and Android phones.

The T-series hydroponic garden options also include getting a color that will work with most people’s sense of decor. They all come in white, grey, and black. A departure from bright reds, greens, and yellow choices found in Tregren’s earlier hydroponic garden designs, but neutrals are far more popular with most people.

The T-series is currently in a Kickstarter campaign, which is a wise move, even for a well-established company with over 100,000 hydroponic gardening customers. Crowdfunding isn’t just about raising money for startups or even ironing out any possible kinks before a hard launch. It is way more effective at raising product awareness than just press coverage or advertising alone. When whatever you’re selling is designed and built well, those early adopters spread news of that far and wide. It’s also an excellent way to test how consumers feel about your product before production takes place.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter, or visit Tregren’s website to learn more about their hydroponic garden products and the company.

Images courtesy of Tregren.

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