#StoptheWaste Campaign Tackles Food Waste And Hunger

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern has created a recipe for a Thai Coconut Salmon Soup that uses salmon heads and other pieces of fish you would usually throw away. It’s his way of helping to fight the problem of food waste and world hunger.

Zimmern takes parts of the fish that typically never make it onto the grill or into the oven and combines them with things like chicken stock, coconut milk, lime juice, and chili paste for his twist on a classic hot-and-sour soup

#StoptheWaste Campaign

Around the world, chefs like Zimmern and restauranteurs are being urged to create recipes like these and join the #StoptheWaste campaign, recently launched by the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP).

Think about the amount of food you throw away every day. From less than fresh leftovers and rotting produce to scraps from the chopping block, there’s far too much food waste happening in kitchens around the world. 

Eradicating global hunger counts on us all to change our habits.

You Can Join Too!

We can all participate in this movement by cooking consciously; use ingredients from root-to-stem, or create meals with food items we already have in the fridge and our pantries. 

According to the UN, there’s enough food in the world to feed everyone. And yet, one-third of the food produced on this planet every year is lost or wasted. 

A report by the World Resources Institute found that even reducing the rate of food waste by half would be a crucial step towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

What You Need To Do

The WFP has launched a quick video explaining how the #StoptheWaste campaign works. 

But to sum things up, we can all help draw attention to this crucial movement by doing the following:

  • Find a food item in the fridge or pantry that is safe to eat but is nearing its expiry date.
  • Take a selfie with the food item.
  • Share the photo on social using #StoptheWaste and challenge at least three friends to do the same.

How will you #StoptheWaste? 

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