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Top 4 True Natural Beauty Products

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Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and if you don’t want GMOs and chemicals in your food, you certainly do not want to slather yourself with them head to foot! But not all hair care, skin care, and makeups that profess organic or natural benefits are truly natural beauty products. One glance at the ingredients list will tell you that 99% of them use 1-2% natural botanical, herbal, or other plant-based materials to greenwash the largely chemical-based stuff in the container. (Researching each ingredient is eye-opening.)

But here are four brands whose products offer our readers in the US, Canada, and the UK safe-for-your-skin options that are not only truly natural but use locally grown plant-based ingredients. These brands show concern for their customer’s well being by harnessing the natural healing powers of different plants for your hair or skin’s benefit and have a keen sense of what sustainable actually means.

1. Audrey Electra

Natural Beauty Products

This Toronto plant-based botanical skin care brand is fresh, but Audrey isn’t new to whipping up natural beauty products. She’s been formulating her own recipes since she was 16 from home grown herbs and wildflowers and even sold them at farmers markets. That background, combined with specialized studies places the Audrey Electra line into the realm of spa-quality experiences for your beauty regime. Using products made from the best quality natural and organic essential and cold pressed oils available offers results not possible from synthetics. She still produces all of her fragrant, therapeutic recipes in small batches for ultimate quality control. Shop now.

2. Seed Phytonutrients

natural beauty products

This new natural beauty products brand is a startup that formed after hours inside of L’Oreal but is actually independent of the century old behemoth, though the company is funding the venture. Seed Phytonutrients makes all natural hair and skin care products that offer the benefits of the phytonutrients concentrated in seeds. The seeds are sourced from small organic farms in Pennsylvania and New York close to the processing and packaging location. They’ve also reduced their packaging plastic content by 70%, creating biodegradable containers with a handmade natural look. More info.

3. Farmacy Beauty

Natural Beauty Products

If it wasn’t for a brand new cultivar of Echinacea inventing itself in his garden, New York horticulturist Mark Veeder would never have made the leap from growing flowers to starting his own line of all-natural beauty products. Green Envy Echinacea proved to contain the highest ever level of cichoric acid, a restorative and antioxidant phytochemical. Cold press extracted, farm fresh benefits that brighten and firm your skin while supporting collagen production. Farmacy brand skin care, lip balm, and face mask products harness these highly potent collagen breakdown inhibitors and other plant-based healing benefits in formulation with naturally derived ingredients. More info.

4. Herbfarmacy

Natural Beauty Products

Realizing the benefits of herbs for the skin changed botanist Dr. Paul Richards’ focus being a grower of organic herbs for medicinal essential oils and tinctures to all natural beauty products. Herbfarmacy isn’t a new brand, but its award-winning organic skincare products are both certified organic and crafted by hand in small batches on his Herefordshire farm. Herbfarmacy features the restorative benefits of Marshmallow in many of their skincare oils, balms, creams, and lotions for its high delicate mucilage content that offers a silky application with high moisturizing benefits. Stocked in the UK, Poland, and Asia, they also ship worldwide. Learn more.

Locally grown, organic, and selectively sourced ingredients offer your skin antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative benefits in ways no chemical or synthetic preparations can. Simple, pure, and effective.

Images courtesy of Audrey ElectraSeed Phytonutrients, Farmacy, and Herbfarmacy (respectively).

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