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Garden Travels: Quebec’s Reford Gardens Are Good For The Soul

Road Trip! Catherine Sherriffs and her family make the 11-hour trek from the Laurentians to the Gaspesie, making a pit stop at the breathtaking Reford Gardens.

Winter Watering 101: Plants Undercover Still Need Moisture!

While Mother Nature cares for gardens throughout the winter with rain and snow, container plants left undercover still need water! Here’s how to do it.

Soilless SmackDown: Peat Moss versus Coco Coir

What’s your indoor growing medium of choice? Av Singh explores the pros and cons of coco coir versus peat so you can make the best choice for your grow.

Hey Trendsetter! Here’s What Gardeners Around The World Are Doing In 2024

Some exciting garden trends are on tap for 2024; are you ready? It’s all about eco-optimism as people look to make an impact in their communities and gardens.

Everything You Need To Know About Subscribing To A CSA Box

Are you looking for a CSA box subscription? CSAs are an excellent way to eat well through the seasons and support local farmers. Our guide will get you started!

Garden Reflections: Words Of Wisdom To Help Plan Your Next Outdoor Grow

Garden Reflections: Words Of Wisdom To Help Plan Your Next Outdoor Grow

Sleep Easy With These Plants Perfect For The Bedroom

Do you have any houseplants in your bedroom? These five plants look and smell good, clean the air, and are worthy of a spot on your nightside table!

Tips For Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

Things To Consider When Searching For The Perfect Christmas Tree

Dear Santa: Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Eco-Friendly Gardener

A wish list to continue good gardening deeds next year!

The Dark Side Of Poinsettias And Awesome Alternatives For The Holidays

Call us crazy, but we think you should skip getting a poinsettia and deck your halls with these awesome houseplant alternatives this holiday season.

A Dirty Kid Is A Happy Kid – Inspiring The Younger Generation To Love Soil

As a follow-up to World Soil Day, Jennifer Cole chats with soil expert Lewis Fausak, author of a children’s book that encourages falling in love with soil.

Plant Of The Month: The Christmas Rose Blooms During The Year’s Darkest Days

Blooming when everything else in the garden is fast asleep, Hellebore niger, or the Christmas Rose, brings joy to the garden in the darkest days of the year.

Top 5 Growing Tips To Boost Your Indoor Garden Game

Boost Your Indoor Growing Game With These Tips And Tricks

Celebrating World Soil Day

We know December’s busy, but we hope you’ll join us in celebrating World Soil Day! December 5th is about the importance of what goes on beneath our feet.

5 Cool Ways to Master the Art of Growing Indoors

Reading List: Garden Culture Recommends These Awesome Books About Growing Indoors

Les Granu-laines

Les Granu-laines is an exciting product that upcycles sheep’s wool into an organic garden fertilizer that helps retain water and aerate the soil.

The Geography Of Indoor Growing

You might be playing the role of Mother Nature in your indoor grow room, but Everest Fernandez warns your geographical location will affect what happens inside!

Rent A Living Christmas Tree

Rent A Living Christmas Tree offers a no-fuss, sustainable solution to the classic holiday dilemma!

Rebel Farmer

Ed Kyrke-Smith’s ‘Rebel Farmer’ dares gardeners to be different, educating them on making compost and embarking on no-dig and regenerative agriculture.

Aimee Cornwell

Aimee Cornwell’s foraging adventures are well documented on her Instagram feed, featuring images of enormous, rare, and seasonal wild mushrooms

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