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Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

LGBTQAI+ owned and run, Rock Steady Farm & Flowers in Millerton, NY, offers a safe space for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations to thrive.

Why Is There Mold Growing In My Seedling Tray?

Seed starting season is upon us, and with every new planting comes a new set of problems. Got mold? Avoid it by following these tips and tricks.

Not Just A Sweet Treat: The Medicinal Benefits Of Wild Raspberries

Caroline Rivard is back with another installment in her medicinal weeds series. This time, she looks at the many benefits associated with wild raspberries.

Shining A Virtual Spotlight As The World Goes Dark For Earth Hour 2021

Can you turn the lights out for 60 minutes for Earth Hour 2021? Challenge accepted! This year is particularly important, with saving the planet a top priority.

Cold-Tolerant Veggies To Grow In Your Spring Garden

Itching to get back into the garden but still a little too chilly out there? Forget about it! Get your growing season started with these cold-tolerant veggies.

World Water Day 2021: What Does Water Mean To You?

Water; what does this precious resource mean to you? World Water Day aims to celebrate water and start a conversation about how we can safeguard it for all.

Plant A Seed Day 2021: One Seed Can Offer Abundant Harvests

Plant a Seed Day educates the young and old alike on the importance of growing our food. How much food can you get from only one seed? In some cases, a lot!

How To Upcycle Common House-Hold Items Into Seed Starting Containers

Don’t have the time or budget to buy seed starting materials at the nursery? No problem! Try recycling these common house-hold items into planting containers.

The Stench Of Power: Making Comfrey Tea

It’s easy to make but be warned; it’s stinky! Martyna Krol gives us the ins and outs of comfrey tea, the ultimate organic drink for your gardens.

Get Better Fruits By Understanding Roots

Do you understand your plant’s roots? Rich Hamilton tells us how getting to know roots and keeping them healthy will lead to better fruits and yields!

Got Old Seeds? Help Them Sprout With These Tips And Tricks

There’s something exciting about finding some long-forgotten, rare seeds. Once you have them, the challenge is to revive those genetics, …

Easy Cacti To Grow And Care For, Even If You Don’t Have A Green Thumb

Cacti are an excellent addition to your houseplant collection, but some are easier to care for than others. Here’s our list of some not-so-fussy varieties.

Wildroots Veg

Wildroots Veg is a blast from the past. Ree and Will grow delicious organic vegetables the old fashioned way of using real horsepower!

Keeping The Plot

The flower fields at Keeping The Plot grow with the seasons and feature a wide range of annuals, perennials, bulbs, and woody shrubs.

Growing With Grace

Growing With Grace has been supplying its local community with fresh, organic produce for 20 years.

Foraging Medicinal Plants Throughout The Winter

There still might be snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean we can’t forage medicinal plants! Follow our guide for what’s available and where to look.

How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes In The Grow Room

Left the faucet running all night? Got pest problems or fluctuating temperatures? Martyna Krol guides us on how to avoid common issues in the grow room.

How To Read A Seed Packet For A Thriving Garden

Are you getting ready to start seeds? Don’t go into the process blindly. Understanding the information on the seed packet is essential for a thriving garden!

Getting Back To Our Roots With Local Food Movements

Local food movements are experiencing a significant boom, and it’s been long overdue. We need to keep the momentum going, and we all play a role!

Going with the Flow: An Interview with Hydroponics Guru William Texier

There may not be anyone more passionate about hydroponics than William Texier. Get to know the industry veteran better in this interview by Catherine Sherriffs.

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