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What Good is a 3D Printer In The Garden?

What’s a 3D printer and do you need one for your garden? In this article, Philip McIntosh introduces us to ways we can incorporate this tech into the grow room.

Protecting Pollinators With The Dandelion Challenge

The world of gardening is full of positive movements, and the dandelion challenge is one of them! Let those yellow ‘weeds’ grow to help pollinating insects.

Relationships and Rethinking Profit in Local Food Business

We need to help create a buzz around local food! Alan Creedon shares his experience in helping small-scale farmers reach the people and make a profit.

Garden Therapy: Stop And Smell The Roses For Better Mental Health

These are challenging times and feeling anxious is a natural response to what’s going on today. Working in the garden and growing something is the best therapy!

Garden Gadgets Perfect For Growing in A Controlled Environment And Outdoors

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that technology can help in the garden. Martyna Krol shares her go-to gadgets for indoor and outdoor growing.

The Year Of The Garden Encourages Canadians To Live Their Best Garden Lives

Did you know 2022 is the Year of the Garden in Canada? The goal is to educate and encourage Canadians to learn more about growing plants with fun activities.

Keeping It Simple With These Low-Tech Gardening Hacks

Do you need technology for great garden yields? Anne Gibson doesn’t think so! In this article, she connects with nature using a few low-tech gardening hacks.

Seasonal Spotlight: Arugula Is The Perfect Springtime Green

Are you looking for a nutritious and delicious springtime green that won’t break the bank? Arugula fits the bill and is worthy of our seasonal spotlight!

Fantastic Fungi: Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Have you ever considered growing your own mushrooms? In this article, Albert Mondor shares some expert tips on growing mushrooms outdoors.

5 Cool Ways To Jumpstart The Growing Season

Longing to get started in your outdoor garden? We’ve got you covered with some low-tech ways to help plants take advantage of the sun in the cooler seasons!

Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander is a modern-day hero! He’s what you call a seed guardian, educating gardeners on seed sovereignty and selection based on genetic potential.

Chris Elliott – Happy Acres

Chris Elliott of Happy Acres wanted to inspire people trapped at home during lockdowns. His gardening channel offers tips for families jumping into growing!

The Food Works Farm

The Food Works Farm is a product of the gardening boom experienced during the pandemic. Established in 2020, it’s been doing a whole lot of good ever since.

Fierce Love Farm

Fierce Love Farm grows food and flowers in Qualicum Beach on Qualicum First Nation territory with nothing but love and respect for people and the environment.

Green Farm

From a hydroponic warehouse, Green Farm offers residents of Newfoundland and Labrador local, nutritious produce that doesn’t carry a hefty carbon footprint.

Sacha Brown – Queen of Seed

Sacha Brown is known as the Queen of Seed, and for good reason! She’s created a monthly seed subscription service with all her favourite fruit and veggie types.

Foxtrot Herb Farm

Is there more to farming than growing food? You bet there is; Foxtrot Herb Farm is living proof, caring as much about the community as it does the environment.

Outlier Farm

Outlier Farm is a small acreage providing fresh, unique varieties of fruits and veggies grown following ecological practices to the community of SW Colorado.

PAR WARS – Dialing Your Garden Into The 21st Century And Beyond

When it comes to grow room lighting, there are almost too many options! In this feature, Brian Gandy explains the efficiency battle in the world of lighting.

My Fascination with Germination: A Grower Shares Some Tips And Tricks

It’s that time of year again (spring!) and our fascination with germination is kicking in strong! One grower shares his tips and tricks for sprouting seeds.

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