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5 Cool Ways to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Thinking about growing delicious mushrooms at home? Of course, you are! Let’s get you started by choosing the right substrate for your mushroom-growing venture.

A New Leaf Allotment

Who doesn’t want to lower their grocery bills? Take a page from Harry and Ellie, who grow what their hearts and bellies desire on a dreamy allotment in Sussex.

All Mushrooms are Medicinal

Mushrooms have been a part of our diets for centuries, and for good reason! Low in calories, mushrooms are delicious and medicinal. Martin Osis explains.

February Is The Perfect Month To Give Your Garden Some Love

Valentine’s Day is coming, so why not show the garden some love? In some parts of the world, crocus and …

Nutritious And Delicious Plants Ripe For Winter Foraging

The warmer seasons may be over, but winter can be a great time for foraging wild foods. Check out these top tips for finding great-tasting wild foods!

From Film Sets To Patios, Victory Garden LA Rewrites The Script

When the pandemic hit, LA-based commercial director Raul Fernandez built his wife two raised garden beds and posted pictures on Instagram. Little did he know he was about to launch a second career.

My New Addiction: Vinegar Fermentation

The art of fermentation is addictive; there's no doubt about it. Learn all about vinegar fermentation with Martyna Krol's latest piece on Garden Culture Magazine.

5 Easy At-Home Hacks To Help The Environment

Sure, Elon Musk might move us all to Mars one day, but for now, the earth is the only planet …

January And The Great Garden Cycle Reset

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings; the garden has reset its cycle and is starting new. So bundle up, soak up the fresh, crisp winter air, and get a head start on spring with a few garden jobs!

Confessions of a UK Hydro Store: The Hydro Bros

Interested in hydroponics and indoor farming? Confessions of a UK Hydro Store connects you with the grow shops selling your favourite products and offering your favourite gardening magazine!

Everything The Trendy Gardener Needs To Know For 2023

Who needs a crystal ball when you can find out what 2023’s hottest garden trends are right now? From climate and tech to hot colors, we’ll get you in the loop!

Unwind With These Books That Can Make The World (And Your Garden) A Better Place

Ready to chill out by the fire with some captivating gardening reads? We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on these books, and think you’ll love them too!

A Renewed Interest In Gardening As The Year Of The Garden Winds Down

What did the Canadian Garden Council’s Year of the Garden mean to you? From coast to coast, it’s been an incredible year for gardens, with plenty to celebrate.

5 Cool Ways To Beat The Heat In The Grow Room

Many plants love the heat, but your garden will suffer if temperatures get too hot! Follow these tips and tricks to avoid heat stress in your grow room.

COP15 Reaches Historic Agreement At UN Nature Summit In Montreal

We have a deal! After weeks of negotiations, a historic agreement has been reached at COP15 in Montreal. Here’s a rundown of what that means for the planet.

How Mono-Silicic Acid Can Change Your Grow For The Better

Take a look beneath the soil with Adam Clarke as he deviates from his comfort zone and offers mono-silicic acid to his grow. You won’t believe what happens!

Agnieszka Jotejko, Leaf an Impression

Polish people take plants seriously, and Agnieszka Jotejko is one of them. She has turned her indoor space into a beautiful houseplant bonanza

Pott Farms

Pott Farms produces healing CBD products using hemp plants grown sustainably. Ethical and regenerative practices ensure customers and the planet get the best.

The Unconventional And Eco-Friendly Holiday Tree

The holiday season isn’t exactly eco-friendly. But you can satisfy Mother Nature and your inner eco-elf with these alternatives to traditional Christmas trees!

Paco’s patch

Who says a north-facing roof terrace in London can’t grow anything? Paco takes advantage of the local microclimate to grow beautiful, nutritious produce!

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