Albert Mondor

Passionate about environmental horticulture, urban agriculture, and extreme landscape design, Albert Mondor has practiced his craft for over 30 years and created numerous gardens in North America. In addition to teaching courses and lecturing at conferences across Canada, his weekly gardening column appears in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec since 1999. Albert recently published his tenth horticultural book, Le nouveau potager. He is a regular guest and contributor to radio and TV programs and hosts The Trendy Gardener spots broadcasted on Météo Média and online. In May 2014, Albert was awarded the prestigious Henry Teuscher Award, presented by the Montreal Botanical Gardens for his exceptional contribution to the advancement of horticultural knowledge in Canada.

19 Articles

Growing Strawberries In Containers For Months Of Delicious Harvests

Want to grow strawberry plants but lack the space? You can easily grow delicious strawberries in containers at home! Albert Mondor explains.

How Indoor Farms Are Changing Agriculture And Leading To Food Security

With food prices rising and a shortage of urban farmland, indoor growing is gaining popularity. Albert Mondor digs into this revolutionary gardening method.

Fantastic Fungi: Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Have you ever considered growing your own mushrooms? In this article, Albert Mondor shares some expert tips on growing mushrooms outdoors.

Seeing Is Believing: Urban Sheep and Shepherds

It’s an unusual sight in cities but it’s happening more often. Urban sheep and shepherds are popping up in many parks! Albert Mondor explains the benefits.

Making Urban Agriculture More Accessible With Table Gardens

Looking to get creative with your next growing venture? Table gardening is a cool trend that’s taking off in urban areas. Albert Mondor explains how to do it.

Cold-Tolerant Veggies To Grow In Your Spring Garden

Itching to get back into the garden but still a little too chilly out there? Forget about it! Get your growing season started with these cold-tolerant veggies.

Repurposing Empty Skyscrapers Into Urban Farms

Skyscrapers are empty; COVID-19 has the occupancy rate in city office towers at an all-time low. Albert Mondor explores transforming them into urban farms.

Getting Protein By Eating Insects

When it comes to the food we eat, more and more people have environmental concerns, including a desire for fairer treatment of animals.

Edible Plants That You Can Find On The Beach

Many people pack lunch for the beach, but you might even be able to find some food there! Here’s a rundown of some edible plants that grow along the seashore.

How To Grow Vintage Veggies At Home

Are you feeling nostalgic? Get a blast from the past by growing vintage veggies! There are so many varieties that will add color and flavor to your meals.

Feeding Cities with Urban Farms

More of us live in cities these days, and that often means eating food that’s traveled many miles to our plates. The solution? Urban farms, of course!

Clean The Air With Plants

Eliminate dust and harmful toxins from the air indoors with plants! Varieties such as English ivy and peace lilies are effective air purifiers.

Tips For Growing An Urban Orchard

Have you ever dreamed of growing a fruit tree of some kind but live in the city? No problem! Follow these expert tips for growing a thriving urban orchard.

Grow Aztec Ancestral Veggies In Your Garden

Who says you have to live in the extreme heat to grow exotic plants in the garden? Feel like you’re in another part of the world by growing Aztec veggies!

How To Grow Ginger In Colder Climates

It might be a tropical plant, but you can still grow ginger in the garden if you live in a northern climate. Follow these tips to a flavorful harvest!

A Guide To Growing Edible Plants For Protein

People are being told to turn a new leaf and get most of their protein from plants. Why not grow your own at home? It’s easy and the outcome is delicious.

Foodscaping: A “New” Way To Create A Garden

Foodscaping is a trend taking off in yards around the world. From style and structure to plant choice, follow these tips for a perfectly-planned edible garden.