Fall Decor Made Easy With This DIY Pumpkin Planter

The fall brings crisp air, beautiful colors, and for many, an end to the outdoor gardening season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have pretty things to brighten up your exterior decor! Take these cute DIY pumpkin planters, for instance.

pumpkin planters

I love fall decorations, especially if they involve pumpkins. These DIY planters are super easy to make and look beautiful holding bouquets of mums. 

I used a white pumpkin because I like the contract against the burnt orange flowers. Also, everybody says the white variety is easier to carve, and they aren’t kidding! 

My traditional orange pumpkin carving festivities with the kids usually registers as a light cardio workout on my Fitbit. But the white ones’ flesh is so soft, I never even made it into fat burn! 

It makes for a really quick project. This planter was sitting pretty in five minutes, tops. 

How To Make It

First, carve a hole in the top of the pumpkin. Make sure it’s wide enough to fit the potted plant. 

pumpkin planters

Next, scoop out the guts and seeds. Save them and make something delicious with them to eat!

pumpkin planters

Once the pumpkin is clean inside, cut a couple of holes in the bottom. Every good planter needs adequate drainage!

pumpkin planters

After, pop your mums or any other flowers you choose into the pumpkin. You can keep the plant in a plastic pot and have it sit inside the gourd. 

pumpkin planters

There you have it! Easy, cheap, and perfect fall-appropriate planters.  

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