Grow Year-Round By Creating A Windowsill Garden

With the weather starting to cool down, some of you might be thinking that the gardening season has come to an end. But do you have a window in your house or apartment? Does it get a decent amount of sun? Does it have a sill? Well, then your gardening season isn’t over; it’s just moving inside! Time to set yourself up with a lovely windowsill garden. And it’s pretty easy to do.

Location, Location, Location! 

As with real estate, the most critical part of setting up a windowsill garden is location. You want a window that gets bright sunlight throughout the day. This is even more important as we head into winter and the number of sunny hours in a day decreases. Ideally, a south-facing window should provide you with the warmest sun possible.

windowsill garden

Ensure the sill you will be using is strong and sturdy enough to carry the weight of all the pots and containers. If you don’t have a worthy sill, but instead have a countertop or any sturdy flat surface right in front of your window, you are good to go.

The Set-Up

Setting up your windowsill garden is a lot of fun. Create an aesthetic that appeals to you. Do you want a crowded green “jungle” or a minimalist zen look? Vary the sizes and materials of the containers or even channel your inner Cosmo Kramer and create levels. Decide on not only what you plan on growing, but how you want to grow it. 

windowsill garden

The hydroponic gardening movement is trendy these days, and a windowsill garden is a great way to dip your toes in that water (pun intended). Even if you plan on using soil, getting cuttings going in the water to start root propagation before transplanting them into the earth is a great option. I am a big fan of doing hydroponic growing in glass containers, jars, etc. I love the visual of the roots taking shape below the surface

What To Grow

Not everything that grows in a full outdoor garden will do well on your windowsill, but you’ll be surprised to know how much you can produce there. And speaking of produce:

Green Onions And Lettuce

Lettuce and green onions are two of the easiest things to grow in your windowsill garden. They don’t take up a lot of space, and they require less light than some other options, which make them even more ideal for wintertime growing. Both are great and very easy hydroponic options as well. In the “leafy” family, spinach is another option that is happy with only a few hours of sunlight a day.


Herbs are the most obvious choice for a small indoor garden. Basil, oregano, thyme, chives, dill, and mint are all excellent options as they are smaller herbs – perfect for growing in tight spaces!

Tomatoes And Carrots

Tomatoes require a lot of warmth and bright sun, but if they get it, this is a great one for your windowsill garden (choose smaller ones like cherry tomatoes). And yes, carrots are also an option! Baby carrots are probably your best choice, but use a deeper pot (at least 8 inches) to go with a larger variety.  

Happy indoor gardening!

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