Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Founded by Azhar Hussain and Rameez Chenia in 2017, Aquafarm is an aquaponics startup based in Leicester that works in close partnership with Graceworks, a local community garden. The garden aims to inspire people to make ethical food choices. Graceworks host open days and courses for the locals to learn about home-grown food and urban horticulture – Aquafarm give tours to the public and offers classes delivered by Graceworks. Following a three-month aquaponics internship in Hawaii, Rameez returned to the UK with big plans to start his farm. Things took off after a chance conversation with Azhar, which led to them building an experimental system in his shed. They later happened across Graceworks in a local community newsletter article, which said they were making an aquaponics system, and it seemed a perfect fit. Azhar and Rameez learned that Graceworks’ system had been half-built but then abandoned for several years due to a lack of volunteers and resources. So the two friends agreed to take over the polytunnel to complete and maintain the system. Since then, Azhar and Rameez have learnt a lot about Aquaponics and the system has evolved into a small commercial lettuce production facility.

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