Bray Grove Farm

Grundy County, Illinois, United States

Bray Grove Farm has nothing but respect for nature and approaches its growing ventures holistically. The ten-acre farm grows 150 different varieties of fruits and vegetables for CSA members, farmers’ markets, and restaurant clients with a mission of providing the local community with healthy, affordable food that has a minimal environmental impact.

Inputs used in the gardens come directly from the property, including willow, chamomile, and dandelion. Lovely compost teas and ferments replace chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and a carefully scheduled rotation of produce and cover crops help preserve the soil. Loretta and Emmylou, two beloved Belgian draft mules, help cultivate the fields. Thanks to them, Bray Grove Farm can reduce fossil fuel use; the animals are treated like family and have a safe and loving home for life.

Bray Grove Farm also has a social conscience, borrowing from the old tradition of gleaning in which the edges of the fields were left unharvested so that orphans, widows, and travelers could eat. While not the same, the farm donates a minimum of 10% of its high-quality produce to food pantries in the area. Bray Grove is dedicated to living within limits, appreciating what we have, being kind to the Earth and all creatures, and providing food for others.

A simpler approach to agriculture.

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