Grapes Hill Community Garden

Norwich, England, United Kingdom

City gardens are experiencing an explosion in popularity since the pandemic revealed the need for more green spaces amongst the concrete jungle. A short walk from Norwich city centre lies a hidden gem – Grapes Hill Community Garden. The space just recently celebrated its tenth anniversary of being open to the public and is available for people to enjoy throughout the day. From a post-WWII bombed and tarmacked wasteland to a flourishing and colourful pocket of peace, the work of local people has made a stunning change in the area. Jo, the gardener and events lead, has organised multiple workshops for the public, such as general growing sessions, birds of prey shows, and family-oriented growing groups, which allow the youngest members to get their tiny hands dirty. For Jo, working with kids is the most rewarding of all tasks; seeing the joy of planting seeds, plenty of watering, then harvesting and tasting the crops. People working nearby often choose to enjoy their lunch break in the garden, sitting on benches made by Patrick and in the presence of his carved solar fountain and blackbirds frolicking in the bushes. The community rents raised beds to locals to whom the garden is a valuable space for socialising and growing their vegetables as most of them live in nearby flats with no growing area.

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