Outlier Farm

Mancos, Colorado, United States

Outlier Farm’s motto is where the fields meet the forest, and it’s easy to see why. Founded and farmed by Max Kirks of High Pine Produce and Sam Perry of Fenceline Cider, this small acreage provides fresh, unique varieties of fruits and vegetables to the community of SW Colorado. An organic apple orchard grows alongside the veggie patch; blending these two production models creates a resilient, highly productive farmscape.

The farm follows ecological growing practices with the health of the soil in mind. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers? Not on this property. Outlier Farm is working diligently to repair the damage caused to our Earth by conventional farming practices and keeps tilling to a minimum. Shallow cultivation techniques lead to living soil and delicious food. The farm also encourages biodiversity with trees, animal life, diverse crop varieties, and more. Soil amendments are used when needed, and the ground is covered with something at all times.

Combined with rotational animal grazing, the farm produces high-yielding crops of only the finest quality. More than 200 chickens wander through the fields laying eggs, and the farm has also expanded its high tunnel production from two tunnels to five to allow for more early-season variety. Farmer Max swears you can taste the Outlier difference and invites customers to sign up for a 14-week summertime CSA program or purchase produce online. When the apple trees begin bearing fruit, the community can look forward to holistically-managed heritage cider and fresh, locally grown apples.

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