The Plant Room Studio

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Plant Room is a collaborative botanical studio and shop selling plants and ceramics. However, it’s far from your typical plant shop. Their work is inspired by the positive benefits of introducing plants into urban spaces. Zosia Berkieta-Lewis, the founder and primary force behind its success, is a true master of her craft.

Taking cues from biophilia – the inherent need to be in nature – has brought her wide recognition through an exhibition at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, as well as project collaborations with the British Library, Harvey Nichols and the London Design Festival. The Plant Room’s design and creative work aim to illustrate the connection between humans and nature, wellbeing and creativity. The project has evolved over six years, highlighting a real appreciation for beautiful indoor plants – a topic more important now than ever before. Zosia’s life was always full of plants; she grew up watching her mother nurture the garden, soaking up the appreciation for the natural beauty around us.

Her recent work with florals uncovered a yearning to use more homegrown plants for art and drying. She’s been involved in reducing waste from the floral industry by buying, drying and repurposing blooms otherwise destined for the bin and is looking to expand into several growing sites. In her own words, “with indoor gardening, there’s a satisfaction that comes from minute tasks. There’s no heavy digging, and it’s a more thoughtful process. A rhythm emerges of tending, watering and propagating.”

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