Upland Organics

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, Canada

Upland Organics is a family-run certified organic grain farm. On over 2,000 acres of land, they grow pulses, cereals, and oilseeds.

Farmers Cody Straza and Allison J. Squires believe that family-run farms are an integral part of Canada’s agricultural landscape and are always looking to learn more about organic farming practices. That’s why they also conduct many on-farm research projects to help solve some of the issues organic farmers face. The couple understands that feeding the soil is the secret to solving the current climate crisis and growing nutritious food. They minimize and reduce the frequency of tilling and use a variety of cover crops and mulch to fix the soil and reduce erosion and evaporation. Grazing cattle are employed to eat the cover crops; in turn, their manure feeds the soil.

Upland Organics is also one of the first large-acre farms in Canada to receive the bee-friendly farming certification. All of the above efforts attract pollinators to their property. Over the years, they’ve also introduced many long-flowering species to help the bees, dedicating several farm acres to perennial pollinator mixes.

Farming with health and nature in mind.

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