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Monsanto’s New Power Grab

Don’t get all excited over the news that the Roundup class action suit in California now being opened to include anyone, anywhere in the US. You didn’t hear about that? According to LA attorney Phillip, the lawsuit is under media blackout anyway. False advertising claims are nothing compared to what’s brewing in Washington. If everything in the works goes Monsanto’s way there will be…

“No Labels, No Safety Testing, No GMO-Free Zones”

Under that headline, Millions Against Monsanto reports that the corporation is poised to take all control away from the population and governments of the world through two measures they’re working hard to get passed in Washington. And that’s not all. It seems they’re trying to buy out Syngenta, a merger that will have them moving their headquarters to London, and establish them as a foreign corporation with powers to sue the US government for laws and regulations that hamper their revenue flow.

So, they really could care less about  – because on Thursday – yes, yesterday – the 2nd H. R. 1599 bill hearing was held by the House Agriculture Committee’s Bitotech Subcommittee. The Monsanto Protection Act is back, and has grown wider-reaching in each new draft. Passing of H.R. 1599 will override any state GMO labeling laws, and erase all bans of growing GMO crops in a given county.

So much for democracy. Hasta la vista to non-GMO farms having the right to preserve their crops from contamination. He who owns the most pockets rules. You won’t see GMO-Free on any food packaging – voluntary, or otherwise. It goes against the vision of Monsanto. So does that pesky little fraudulent advertising lawsuit forming in Los Angeles. Haven’t heard of it? Not surprising. There’s a media blackout on that newsy tidbit, even though the class action just went national.

Naturally, they haven’t put all their eggs in one basket. There are more irons in the fire.

Like the secret global trade deal Monsanto is closely involved in. The Trade Promotion Authority bill that was passed in Congress on Tuesday, and on it’s way to Obama’s desk for signing. This measure now forces foreign countries to raise bans on GMO crops and food products under the Trans-Pacific Partnership. So for industries out there cheering because it’s supposed to increase jobs in the US, stop. It renders GMO labeling an “unjustified trade restriction” in the US, among other undesirable things.

Once the deal to merge Monsanto and Syngenta is cemented, and they take up residence in London, they become a foreign investor with the right to challenge the US in international tribunals.

[alert type=white ]”Monsanto’s “cover all your bases” power grab sounds too diabolical to be true. Unfortunately, the threats are not only real, they’re imminent.” — Millions Against Monsanto[/alert]

But it’s not quite over yet. Monsanto has unlimited funds, making fighting their progress very difficult. The Organic Consumers Association is raising money to continue the battle. Every dollar donated before 12 midnight June 30, 2015 will be matched with donations from Mercola and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. Add your assistance HERE.

More GMO Food Concerns

While all that no doubt made your hair stand on end, I’m not quite through with this weeks’ chemicals-on-your-plate news…

Dow’s Agroscience solution to winning a farmer’s war on weeds that have become Roundup-resistant is only increasing the average person’s consumption of unwanted toxins. No, that’s not news, but the WHO announcing that 2,4,D is classified as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ is news. And this is just one level below the recent ‘probably carcinogenic’ rating on glyphosate. So is the fact that the mixture of glyphosate and 2,4,D that makes up the active ingredients in Dow’s new Duo Enlist crop program doubles the prospect of bringing on non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Why would the EPA approve the new 2.4,D combination when they’re aware of it’s suspicious link to causing occupational cancer to strike? Good question! But they really should recall their own work in connecting them both in this research paper.

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Source: Millions Against Monsanto

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