Forage Farms

Kybong, Queensland, Australia

Stuart Andrews’ family-run Forage Farms in the beautiful Mary Valley region of the Sunshine Coast operates under Natural Sequence Farming philosophies.

The aim is to restore natural landscape function and regenerate the farm while integrating food production. Food is ethically produced without artificial fertilisers or chemicals, and all their grass-fed hens, pigs, sheep, and cattle live permanently in the paddock, playing an important role in land management. Animals are rotated to the new ground each week, fertilising pastures and improving the soil while living a healthy life. Forage Farms offer their pork and eggs year-round and seasonal vegetables, lamb, and beef via farm gate sales and home delivery.

They regularly run farm tours and educate landholders about Natural Sequence Farming practices to promote biodiversity within the farm and environment, helping restore degrading systems to landscapes that function in a productive state for the environment and the farmer.

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Anne Gibson

Speaker, author and urban garden community educator.

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, is a speaker, author and urban garden community educator on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Anne is passionate about inspiring people to improve health and wellbeing, by growing nutrient-dense food gardens in creative containers and small spaces. Anne regularly presents workshops, speaks at sustainable living events, coaches private clients and teaches community education classes about organic gardening and ways to live sustainably. She has authored several eBooks and gardening guides. Anne shares organic gardening tips and tutorials to save time, money and energy on her popular website.