Les Granu-laines

St-Francois-Xavier-De-Brompton, Quebec, Canada

Products promising to boost garden health are everywhere, but sometimes a novel idea catches your eye. France Custeau and her husband Louis Desrosiers have an exciting business venture on their farm in St-Francois-Xavier-De-Brompton, in the beautiful Eastern Townships in Quebec. The couple processes the wool from their sheep and other flocks in the region into an organic garden fertilizer, a product they call “Les Granu-Laines.” Shaped into pellets for easy application, Les Granu-Laines can be applied once at the beginning of the growing season and nourishes the soil throughout the summer. The wool helps retain water while also aerating and feeding the earth.

Raising sheep for over 20 years

Innovative Way to Retain Moisture

Custeau and Desrosiers have been raising sheep for 20 years. After experiencing several seasons of drought and watching their crops go thirsty, the couple searched for an innovative solution to help the soil retain moisture. They wanted to use something easily accessible, and their research led them to their flock of sheep! They discovered that sheep wool has excellent water retention capabilities, absorbing 20% of its weight in moisture. But above all else, wool feeds the soil, releasing nitrogen to plants throughout the growth cycle. Les Granu-Laines is also excellent for deterring slugs. After many months of trial and error with the specialized machinery, they now produce one ton of wool pellets weekly.

Fertilizer made from sheep's wool

Healthy Plants & Less Water

Custeau and Desrosiers use Les Granu-Laines in their farm garden and love the results. Plants are healthy and productive throughout the entire growing season. The couple says they water less often, and the fruits are more flavorful at harvest. They recommend using about 200 grams per square meter of garden space at the time of planting. Spread the pellets evenly across the soil surface and work it into the top three to four inches of earth before sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Les Granu-Laines is also excellent for houseplants, boosting growth and producing more vibrant flowers. Simply add 50 grams per gallon of soil, with a maximum application rate of 150 grams per plant. 

Made from 100% wool, Les Granu-Laines is an excellent example of a zero-waste product made from renewable, eco-friendly sources. Custeau and Desrosiers are proud of the product they’ve created and the results it offers. But they’re also thrilled to participate in a circular economy, making good use of the wool that would otherwise not be used or exported out of the country. Les Granu-Laines is local, organic, and a novel way to help plants through dry seasons. 


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