Issue 53: USA & Canada

Growing Indoors

Bringing your garden indoors can be very rewarding, especially when you live in an area that only allows you to grow for a short time. The weather dramatically impacts how and what you can grow outdoors, and interestingly enough, it can also affect how you grow indoors. 

Depending on the season and your particular spot, the outdoor environment can influence your indoor garden. In “The Geography of Indoor Growing,Everest Fernandez discusses the challenges he has faced growing around the world and why creating a sealed room is his preferred choice. He also shares a checklist to help you choose “Where to Grow?” in an indoor space. 

Popping old dormant seeds is not always an easy task. Xavi Kief shares best practices for success in “Conscious Awakenings: Accounting For Seed Dormancy When Planning Your Next Grow.” In “The Lunar Micro Ecosystem Experiment – Cultivating Life in the Cosmos,Rich Hamilton explores the future of growing in space.

In an earlier edition, Av Singh and Lindsay Dawson helped me create my indoor, no-till, regenerative organic beds. When I encountered some problems, one of which was how to amend them appropriately, I turned to them once again. In the article “One and (not) Done – Getting The Most From Your Grow Media, ” they explain the importance of soil testing and being in control of your soil. 

As gardeners, we often face challenges. The team at Garden Culture loves to hear about your indoor gardening successes and failures. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us!   Let’s grow our community.

Happy gardening

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