Pepo Farms

Ovens Valley, Victoria, Australia

Family-owned and operated Pepo Farms is the first and only Australian producer of pumpkin seeds for eating. The farm deals exclusively with the heirloom “naked” dark green pumpkin seeds, which are easier to eat and process because they grow naturally without the hard, fibrous casing typically found in regular pumpkin seeds.

The business initially intended to specialise in pumpkin seed oil; however, over the years, it has also developed a variety of delicious roasted, salted, chilli, cajun, and chocolate-coated pumpkin seeds. Pepo Farms also produces a range of other seeds, nuts, oils, and flours, some of them under The Artisan Mill and the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company banners. The farm is proud to offer Australians locally-grown and fresh products that are natural, sustainable, and traceable.

Currently transitioning to Australia certified organic, Pepo Farms takes enormous pride in practising sustainable farming using organic and biodynamic techniques. They focus on enriching the soil so they can offer Australians the best quality seeds possible. The farm shop in Ovens Valley allows customers to taste and purchase products and learn about farming, food, and health.

Pepo Farms believes everyone should know their farmers and how their food is grown and harvested.

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