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Carmel, California, United States

The Christmas tree debate is real and can become somewhat heated, depending on who’s involved. Some say artificial is the way to go to save trees. Others believe that depriving yourself of the real deal is absurd and that fake trees are anything but eco-friendly. There are valid points to each side of the argument, but companies like Rent A Living Christmas Tree are here to solve everyone’s problem with a no-fuss, sustainable solution! 

The Planet Needs More Trees

As the name suggests, Rent A Living Christmas Tree offers Californians a convenient way to celebrate the holidays with a living Christmas tree. It’s no secret the planet needs more trees; they’re essential to storing carbon and cleaning the air, and they support natural ecosystems. So, Monica Hudson and her late partner, Roland Garcia, started this venture in 2009 to preserve natural resources in the area. Monica’s team grows potted fir, cedar, and redwood trees in their nursery year-round, delivering them to homes and offices each December. After the holiday season, Santa’s helpers collect the trees and return them to the farm to grow for another year. The trees come fresh in their pots for the holidays. No trees have to be cut, no mess is made, and nothing goes to the landfill; a zero-waste and guilt-free option for lovers of real Christmas trees! 

Jesus and Cele Esparza care for the forest nursery year-round, which now features hundreds of trees. The couple ensures the trees are correctly potted so that their roots have room to grow and they live longer. Many species, including the California Redwoods, are grown locally to reduce the environmental footprint. Once they’re too tall for indoor use, they are planted outside where they can thrive. For example, when redwood trees outgrow their pots, they can potentially live for thousands of years after being planted in a natural forest. 

A Holiday Success

Now in its 15th season, Rent A Living Christmas Tree is a holiday success, with many families choosing to rent the same tree year after year. The specific tree they’ve fallen in love with returns to their living room every Christmas; the only thing they need to worry about is having enough ornaments to decorate the bigger branches and, of course, watering once a day. Once the tree becomes too big for the house, customers can purchase it to plant on their properties.

Delivery is available to most of the South San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula, and Salinas regions. Families can rent their trees online, by phone, or pick one out at the farm in Carmel.  

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