Colden, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Where growing conditions are more challenging, it’s still possible to achieve great results when the passion is there. UpPlant, a family-run smallholding enterprise, is growing fresh greens on the fringes of the often unwelcoming upland moors in West Yorkshire. Basia and Luke opt for a combination of intensive vertical growing methods combined with aquaponics, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture techniques in a cold and wet climate.

Established in 2019, they started their vertical growth operation with the use of ZipGrow towers. Their pristine organic salads and herbs are distributed to the local community through a box scheme and organic veg outlets in the nearby town. Their vision is to demonstrate how a small piece of land can produce a living for a young family while creating a positive social, ecological and economic result for the land and the community.

The couple uses a range of techniques on their land, including forest gardening, vermicomposting, Korean Natural Farming and Bokashi, combined with Natural Flood Management practices using retention and attenuation ponds. Flood prevention is proving extremely valuable to the communities living downhill, where severe floods have devastated the town multiple times in the last decade.

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