Woven Roots Farm

Tyringham, MA, USA

Healthy soil leads to healthy people; for 20 years, Woven Roots Farm has been nurturing both by respecting the earth and the microorganisms that live in it. Woven Roots uses no-till farming techniques and divides its fields into permanent beds.

Compacted aisles discourage weed growth, and seedlings thrive in nutrient-rich handmade plots. Compost, cover crops, mulches, and a whole lot of TLC enrich the soil, and the microorganisms living below the surface are never disturbed. Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are strictly forbidden. The result is delicious and nutritious vegetables sold to the local community through a CSA program.

The local, regenerative farming operation honors the land of the Mohican Nation. It recognizes that the US is built on stolen land and the stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and other people of color. Woven Roots Farm promotes social, environmental, and racial justice, and says everyone is welcome, regardless of color, income, gender, or sexual orientation. We all belong. 

Nurturing the community through the soil and with strong values.

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