Hunkering Down: Check Out These Garden-Themed Movies

Depending on where you live, all this time at home doesn’t mean you can spend time working in the garden. Where I am, the cooler climate means we can’t plant most crops for a while yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sit back and enjoy a good movie about a garden. So, here are a few I thought of that could do the trick.


Greenfingers is a British film based on a true story and stars Clive Owen as a prison inmate who discovers he has a talent for growing flowers. This talent is recognized by a gardening expert (the always amazing Helen Mirren), which eventually leads to Owen and other inmates competing in a national flower competition. Throw in some romance when Owen meets Mirren’s daughter, and you’ve got yourself a fun and sweet 90 minutes.


There is a version of The Secret Garden from 1949, but the one I, and most of my generation, are familiar with is the 1993 version. The plot involves an orphaned girl who is sent to England to live on her uncle’s estate. While there, she discovers the garden and its secrets. This flick is one to revisit if, like me, it’s been years since you watched it. It’s also for the whole family – meaning you can set your kids down in front of this film and have an entire hour and 41 minutes of possible calmness. You’re welcome!


I had to get this one on the list even though it only tangentially fits the theme. In Being There, Peter Sellers plays the role of the simple-minded Chance, a man who has spent his entire sheltered life as the gardener for one man. After the man dies, Chance, through a series of events, misunderstandings, and random occurrences, finds himself the advisor to a businessman and a political insider in Washington, D.C. Think of it as a better and more satirical Forrest Gump.

If you’re looking for interesting documentaries, watch Netflix’s Rotten series or The Game Changers.

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