Issue 38: USA & Canada

Regenerative Agriculture

We have always said Garden Culture is more than a growing magazine; our social conscience drives our content. Although we are primarily a technical indoor growing magazine, we have always taken on critical social issues that involve food and politics.

We have done several organic themed editions, and this time, we included Regenerative Agriculture. Somewhere along the road, commercial farming took a wrong turn. From monoculture and GMOs to the slurry of insecticides/fungicides they dump on our food and the soil it grows in, none of it is good.

This subject is as essential to our species’ long-term survival as climate change. Many scientists believe that one of the only fundamental ways to reverse climate change is to put the carbon back into the ground. As it turns out, our writers are as passionate about the subject as we are. This edition might be a little light on gardening tips, but it offers a heavy dose of reality.

The road to recovery begins in our grow rooms, gardens, and kitchens and ends where and how we spend our money on food.  

Happy Gardening!

In this issue

Cultivating Hope Through Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is being touted as the solution to our climate problems. Martyna Krol explains how this movement applies to us all.

Ojai Roots

Ojai, California, USA

Ojai Roots farm understands that soil fertility is the secret to high yields and incredible-tasting, nutritious food. Holistic growing at its best!

Gaia’s Ganja Garden

Eugene, Oregon, USA

Gaia’s Ganja Garden is a small-scale organic cannabis farm run by passionate growers who have nothing but respect for the plant and the environment.

Sterling Hill Farm

Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada

Sterling Hill Farm wants to bring regenerative farming to your table. Farm owners Brad and Lisa treat both their land and animals with love and respect.

Earth Temple Gardens

Argenta, Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada

High-quality, nutrient-rich vegetables are the speciality at Earth Temple Gardens in beautiful British Columbia. Nourishing people while protecting the land.

5 Cool Ways Regenerative Agriculture Works

Regenerative Agriculture is the future, and it's simpler than you might think! Check out our list of 5 cool ways this natural growing method works.

A Gardener’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency, Health, and Happiness

Inspiring! Liz Zorab, the author of Grounded: A Gardener's Journey to Abundance and Self-Sufficiency, talks about health and gardening with Catherine Sherriffs.

The Case For Calcium: Why It’s Essential To Your Garden

We know NPK is essential to plants, but did you know that calcium can help them better absorb these nutrients? Cody J. Garrett-Tait makes the case for calcium.

When It Rains, It Pours! How To Cope With Too Much Moisture In The Garden

Drought can be a major issue in the garden, but so is too much moisture. Cody J. Garrett-Tait helps us protect our plants from becoming water-logged.

Revolution is a Dirty Business: Two Women’s Journey Reshaping AgriCULTURE

Regenerative agriculture is deeply connected to soil health. Joanna Berg writes about her experience starting and running a soil test company in Humboldt.

Biodiverse Gardens Improve Pollination, Harvests, and Pest Control

Biodiverse gardens do more than just improve pollination, harvests, and pest control. Anne Gibson explains how they benefit nature and humans alike.

Taking Liberties: How To Survive Hyperinflation

What does the future hold for the world’s financial system? If you ask Everest Fernandez, hyperinflation is coming. Here’s his guide to surviving it.

Heavy Metals, Bioaccumulation, and Bioremediation

Heavy metals are polluting our environment and build up in the food chain. Dr. Callie Seaman writes about how plants are being put to use via bioremediation.

Incredible Farm: A Model for the Future of Adaptive, Regenerative Farming

On rough terrain in the West Yorkshire Hills, Incredible Farm makes regenerative agriculture work. Alan Creedon shows us how this smallholding leads the way.

Taking the Nature Out of Agriculture and the Impact on Human and Environmental Health

Environmental and human health are suffering; we’ve taken Nature out of agriculture. As Evan Folds writes, when it comes to growing food, we’ve lost our way.

Seeing Is Believing: Urban Sheep and Shepherds

It’s an unusual sight in cities but it’s happening more often. Urban sheep and shepherds are popping up in many parks! Albert Mondor explains the benefits.

Regenerative Agriculture The Solution To Reconnecting With Nature And Ourselves

It all starts with the soil; that saying doesn’t only apply to gardens. Evan Folds says the way we treat soil reflects on how we treat ourselves and the world.