The Forgetful Grower: Never Lose Your Garden Tools Again!

I can’t count the times I’ve been out in the garden, put down my trowel or pruners to do something, and can’t find them again. I spend time retracing my steps, trying to find the spot where I left them. It’s time-consuming and annoying!

I’m not alone. Many gardeners misplace their tools in the undergrowth while carrying out the many gardening tasks on their lists. Here are some hacks to help you find those misplaced tools—you might never lose them again!

Bright Handles

One reason garden tools get misplaced is that they blend into the garden. Wrap the handles with bright fluorescent tape or paint them to make them easier to spot. Another great idea is to use glow-in-the-dark tape or paint. Wait until dusk, and voila! Those missing trowels and pruners will stand out in the dark garden.

Find your tools more easily

Garden Caddy

Keep a small garden caddy by your side with your tools in it. Before moving from one spot to another, check the caddy to ensure all your tools are in it. If they aren’t, they are likely close by and much easier to find now than later.

Create Stations

Before putting down the pruners in the garden bed while you run back to the shed or potting table to grab a piece of twine, place the utensils into one of several covered receptacles throughout the garden. This idea is also excellent for storing garden supplies like small sticks, garden clips, extra gloves, pen and paper, twine, and more, so they’re always within reach.

Any waterproof container, like a small Rubbermaid or a metal mailbox, will do the trick. Make it a project and decorate it, creating a convenient tool deposit and some unique garden art.

Create stations for tools

Garden Tool Belt

Garden tool belts are another way to help you keep track of your tools in the garden and are available at most garden centers or big box stores. Place tools in your belt to free up your hands for various tasks and know where to find them when you need them again!

GPS Tracker

One of my favorite ideas is using a GPS tracker. You can buy waterproof small trackers for keys and phones and apply the same idea to garden tools. Attach the tile or chip as you would to a set of keys, and the next time you can’t find your pruners, let the tracker do the work for you. All you have to do is follow the signal!

Never lose your garden tools again!

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