Issue 34: USA & Canada

Growing With Data

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Self-Sustainability In The Wake Of A Pandemic

In the wake of the global pandemic, everyone suddenly wants to be more self-sustainable. Food security is a hot issue, and gardening is the activity of choice.

A Guide To Nutrient Dosing Machines

Are you considering automating your grow room? Everest Fernandez shares his experience making the switch from manual mixing to nutrient dosing machines.

Getting Protein By Eating Insects

When it comes to the food we eat, more and more people have environmental concerns, including a desire for fairer treatment of animals.

Shadle Farm

Durham, Connecticut, USA

Mark and Ami compost the kitchen scraps and give it back to the soil, creating nutrient-dense growing space for the next crops.

Songbird Haven Farm

Woodinville, Washington, USA

Songbird Haven Farm grows seasonal fruits and vegetables on a half-acre plot on the ancestral land of the Coast Salish people, but there’s a lot more to it.

Porcupine Experimental Forest Farm

Wentworth-North, Quebec, Canada

Following permaculture principals, they built their soil by hand, tirelessly layering leaves, cardboard, mulch, grass clippings, and other organic materials like a lasagna.

Vignes en Ville

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

An urban gardening pilot project might open a world of possibilities where 'local' wine is concerned. Vignes en Ville (Vines in the City) is growing grapes in grow bags on four Montreal rooftops, including the Palais des Congrès.

How To Make Your Own Organic Gardening Soil

Eco-conscious people are turning to organic gardening, achieving excellent yields with homemade, quality soils. Cody J. Garrett-Tait will help you get started.

Garden Tools: A Basic Introduction To Enzymes

Enzymes exist in all living things, including our gardens! Here’s a basic introduction to enzymes and what makes them tick, courtesy of Dr. Callie Seaman.

Cation and Anion Exchange Capacity And Why It Matters To Your Grow

No need to be intimidated by the science of growing! In this series, Stephen Brookes breaks down technical terms, like cation and anion exchange capacity.

A Broken System? Corporatism and Community Rights

In 2020, our world has sent us all a clear message. Evan Folds writes about a broken system that can no longer support us, corporatism, and community rights.

Edible Landscape Movement Builds Food Security And Community

The edible landscape movement has people transforming their lawns into gardens, building both food security and community connections in uncertain times.

Plant Steering: How To Successfully Transplant Cuttings

Are you ready to transplant your cuttings? Follow this guide in our plant steering series to find out how to optimize growth, yield, and overall quality.

Data-Driven Cultivation: Crunching The Numbers In The Grow Room

Technology is always evolving; here’s a rundown of some exciting gadgets helping farmers and gardeners make smarter decisions and achieve better yields!