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Issue 24

Technology In The Garden

Do technology and agriculture belong together? In this issue, we take a look at some of the cooler gadgets available to growers and some low-tech options, too.

Issue 23

Substrates and Containers

What kind of container should you grow in and what substrate should you use? Can we reuse growing media from year to year? This issue has some of the answers.

Issue 22

Regenerative Agriculture

Our social conscience got the best of us in this issue about organic and regenerative growing. We can all play a part in saving our planet. Find out how.

Issue 21

Pest Control

From tomato blight to whitefly infestations, pests and diseases can suck the joy out of growing. This issue is packed with tips and tricks to avoid them all!

Issue 20


Plants are medicinal! Find out where it all began and why comfrey is so good for us and the gardens. Also, grow monster plants organically.

Issue 19

Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is on the rise! Read about making the transition from HID to LEDs, all about organic cloning, and the history or hydroponics.

Issue 18

Growing With Data

Data in the garden; how to use the numbers to your advantage. Also, switching to nutrient dosing machines and self-sustainability in a pandemic.

Issue 17

Organic Gardening

Get your organic garden to thrive! Read tips for all-natural pest control along with articles on steering mothers and cuttings and guerilla gardening.

Issue 16

Plant Steering

In this issue, read an introduction to crop steering, all about growing vintage veggies, and the when, what, and why of microbial products.

Issue 15

Superfood For Plants

Learn about the best superfoods for your plants. Also, why hardening off is so important and find out how to cope with serious drought in the garden.

Issue 14

How Bright Are Your Lights?

Are your lights bright? Read about the PPFD trap and understanding nutrient uptake. Also, silicon and the green revolution, and air-purifying plants.

Issue 13

LED It Bee

Led It Bee; this issue hums a sweet tune about LED lights and helping our pollinators. The lost art of seed saving and helping gardens beat the heat.

Issue 12


This issue is all about fungi; learn about whats going on beneath our feet. Also, the foliar frontier and how to detox with fruit and fasting.

Issue 11

Plant Life Cycle

Learn all about a plant’s life cycle, from the biology of flowering and steering plants in the vegetative stage to foliar feeding.

Issue 10

Grow Tent Edition

Find out why air filtration for indoor gardening is critical. Learn more about Korean Natural Farming and the man behind it, Master Cho.

Issue 09

Hemp: The Plant That Keeps Giving

Hemp has many healing powers, starting with the health-boosting seeds. Roof top gardens are feeding cities, and the benefits of insect frass.

Issue 08

Modern Breeding

The Modern Breeding issue dives into the worlds of medicinal mushrooms and medical cannabis. Also, get a hydroponics history lesson.

Issue 07

Planting By The Moon

Planting by the moon is tried and true; learn how to do it! Read about proper watering techniques, industrial hemp, and find out if plants really talk.

Issue 06

The Art Of Growing & Pest Control

This issue offers tips for pest and disease control through fertility, more from the history of hydroponics series, and a tribute to Abram Steiner.

Issue 05

History Of Hydroponics

It’s an ancient way to grow: read about the history of hydroponics. Also, find out how to select a greenhouse and why phosphorus and potassium matter.

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