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Issue 33

Organic Gardening

Get your organic garden to thrive! Read tips for all-natural pest control along with articles on steering mothers and cuttings and guerilla gardening.

Issue 32

Plant Steering

In this issue, read an introduction to crop steering, all about growing vintage veggies, and the when, what, and why of microbial products.

Issue 31

Superfood For Plants

Learn about the best superfoods for your plants. Also, why hardening off is so important and find out how to cope with serious drought in the garden.

Issue 30

How Bright Are Your Lights?

Are your lights bright? Read about the PPFD trap and understanding nutrient uptake. Also, silicon and the green revolution, and air-purifying plants.

Issue 29

It All Starts With A Seed

It all starts with a seed. Learn about seed priming and how to do a seed soak solution. Also, growing a healthy society and creating urban orchards.

Issue 28

LED It Bee

Led It Bee; this issue hums a sweet tune about LED lights and helping our pollinators. The lost art of seed saving and helping gardens beat the heat.

Issue 27


This issue is all about fungi; learn about whats going on beneath our feet. Also, the foliar frontier and how to detox with fruit and fasting.

Issue 26

Living Soil

It’s alive! Read about living organic soil and the many benefits of stinging nettle and biochar. Also, learn how to grow ancient Aztec veggies!

Issue 25

The Balance Edition

Finding balance in the garden is essential. To prune or not to prune? Read about the biochemistry of cold and making black gold. And, what’s a CAFO?

Issue 24

The Flowering Cycle

Read about the biology of the flowering cycle and find tips on how to train your plants. Also, how Paul Newman’s old watch is doing serious good.

Issue 23

The Vegetative Cycle

Treat your plants right in the vegetative cycle. Learn how to steer them and get tips on foliar feeding. Also, a garden in the desert makes it work.

Issue 22

It All Starts With Water

This issue makes a splash with articles on the water pioneers and how to harvest rainwater. Also, find out how microbes work in hydroponics.

Issue 21

Nature & Tech

Nature and technology collide! Do more plants along highways lead to fewer accidents? Also, grow room analytics and bringing life to the garden.

Issue 20

The Great Hydro Store Survey

The Great Hydro Store Survey is back by popular demand! Learn how to grow luffa, about the power of pH, and how to care for indoor container gardens.

Issue 19

Battle Of The Bugs

We take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Battle of the Bugs issue. Learn about insect pollinators and indigenous microorganisms too.

Issue 18

How It's Made

How are lamps made? Find out how along with articles on digital ballasts, cleaning the land with bioremediation, and Korean Natural Farming.

Issue 17

The Reality Of Temperature

The truth about temperature: learn about heat stress and killing cold, vapor pressure deficit, and what to do about powdery mildew in the garden.

Issue 16

Growing Control

Take control of your grow with tips on lighting, supplements, and the garden’s ultimate environment. Also, learn about the not so sweet side of sugar.

Issue 15

Next Level Growing Techniques

Looking to take your growing techniques to the next level? Read about oxyfertigation, the good bugs every garden needs, and how to grow avocados.

Issue 14


From clay pebbles and coco coir to peat moss and Rockwool, this issue digs into the world of substrates. Also, find out how to make your own soil.

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