Smart Gardening: Bringing Technology Into The Garden

Many gardeners have an instinct; by observing their plants daily, they sense what’s going right or wrong and achieve great results. But what if we don’t have that instinct, either because we’re inexperienced or don’t have a green thumb (yet)? That’s where smart gardening comes in!

Smart Gardening?

Smart gardening involves the use of technology to help our plant babies along. There’s no shame in it; technology can be part of the learning process, and in many cases, can make our busy lives a little easier!

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Here are just a few of the many options out there:

  • Gardening Apps: From plant identifiers, care reminders, and garden design aids to tips that make growing food super simple, there’s an app for everyone out there! All you have to do is download one or two that suit your needs and grab your phone or tablet before heading out to the garden!
  • Garden Podcasts: Got a few minutes to spare driving to and from work or cooking dinner? There are some incredible educational gardening podcasts out there to fill your time. Find one you love and scroll through various topics until you find one that will help you in your growing ventures.
  • Automated Irrigation: Whether away on vacation or just too busy to commit to your garden’s watering schedule, automatic irrigation systems can make life much easier. Smart sprinklers are an option, as are various irrigation kits attached to a hose with a timer.
  • Countertop Gardens: These are an excellent option for indoor growing during the winter months or for those who live in small spaces. Grow herbs, fruits, and veggies in a cute compact hydroponic system that sits on the counter! The unit will tell you when to feed and add more water; beyond that, all you have to do is harvest!
  • Plant Monitors: These gadgets might be pricey, but they’re brilliant! Many of them not only tell you when to water but can also give you a sense of your plant’s overall health. The wireless monitors can analyze the humidity levels and even tell you what’s lacking in your soil. How neat is that?

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