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Korean Natural Farming: Seed Soak Solution

Let’s face it; the early stages of life are most crucial for pretty much any species on Earth. If the start of your life is all stress and turmoil, chances are you’re going to suffer for it at various points throughout your life. On the flip side, if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and given all the opportunities you could ever desire, you are much more likely to become highly successful. Everyone might hate you for the unfair advantage you’ve had, but at least you will be warm and smug come winter while sleeping on your pile of money.

Yarrow: From Garden Weed To Powerful Medicinal Plant

This hardy plant feels at ease pretty much everywhere and thrives in a wide range of climates and soil conditions. The poorer the soil it grows in, the stronger its potency and the scent of its oils will be. A garden weed by nature, it tends to spread quickly! If you are lucky enough to find yarrow growing in your gardens, think twice before throwing it on the compost pile. It is a powerful plant that has much to offer. 

A Guide To Growing Edible Plants For Protein

Grow plants for protein

A flexitarian is someone who limits his consumption of meat, but who is not exclusively vegetarian. The flexitarian diet can be practised in a variety of ways: some people do not eat meat every meal or regularly choose to make an entire day meatless, while others are vegetarians most of the time, but occasionally eat meat.