Seed Saving Part 4: Storing And Testing

Seed Saving Part 4

Seeds, like all living things, have a lifespan. How long they last depends on factors including the seed variety and conditions during growth and processing. However, the way seeds are stored has an enormous impact on their vigor and longevity. Correctly preserving them will ensure your efforts to save seeds reaps long term rewards. 

The Planting by the Moon Myth

Planting By the Moon: Myth or Reality?

Indoor hydroponic gardening is still not a mainstream idea, although most people eat hydroponic lettuce regularly. Many even have a traditional outdoor garden, yet the idea of growing food or medicine in their basements has never really crossed their minds.

Grow Rosemary Indoors

How to Grow Rosemary Indoors

The best tasting and most beneficial herbs are always freshly cut. Learn how to grow rosemary indoors using hydroponics or …