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Smart Garden: WiFi Watering

One of the biggest challenges any gardener faces is soil moisture. Too much or too little is the downfall of many a new grower. Even the most experienced and successful gardener can get busy and forget to water their plants.

Forgot To Water?The guys at OSO have a solution for this problem. They call it Plant Link. It works indoors and outside with both potted plants and those planted in soil. It’s a moisture level monitoring system and automatic watering tool wrapped up in one nifty computer operated package. The idea is based on technology that has been used in agriculture for the past 50 years.

Plant Link is an intuitive probe that takes moisture readings every 5-10 minutes and reports the state of your plant’s roots over wireless internet to a database. If dry conditions are found based on the preferences of your particular plant type, you get an alert to your phone via text message. The programming takes current weather in your location into account when computing the needs of each plant in your house, your garden, on your balcony, or wherever the hooked up plant may be. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation and removes the high possibility of gardener error.

Always on the go gardeners will love the option of adding a Plant Link valve to the water supply for each plant or planting space. The system will turn it on automatically and allow water to run until the soil moisture has reached optimum levels for each plant.

How cool is that? This recently funded Kickstarter project is now taking pre-orders. You can learn more details by visiting that Kickstarter page link and on their website at  MyPlantLink.com.


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